hill breed sheep

British Milk Sheep. They have a low prolificacy of approximately 1.1 lambs per ewe, a very coarse and colored fleece, and a very large fat tail. It was developed over the years for making them suited to the Radnor Hills and it is probably typical of the old Welsh tan-faced sheep that used to roam the hills. Braunes Bergschaf. Acipayam sheep are a multi-purpose breed (wool. Bündner Oberland C. California Red. Bovska. We use the GenOvis program to help us make scientifically informed breeding decisions to improve the productivity of our flock. Hardly hill and mountain sheep are stratified as pure breed for this type of production. Campanian Barbary. Registered Kerry Hill Sheep can be found throughout the British Isles, Ireland and Holland. The breed derives it’s name from the village of Kerry, near Newtown. The sire to produce the ideal crossing ewe, noted for fertility.