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The difference is the Gen 2 … PS5 7.1 … It’s worth mentioning that Sonos updated its One speaker in early 2019; you’ll see both Sonos One “Gen 2” and Sonos One “Gen 1” speakers when shopping. Anyone know how I can tell the difference between gen 1 and gen 2. Sub gen 1 vs gen 2. Sonos is launching the latest generation of its subwoofer—the Sonos Sub Gen 3—this June 10. I’m buying a used sub which the seller thinks is about 3 years old but not sure. Apple TV getting 5.1 Multichannel and Atmos. Nintendo Switch 5.1 Multichannel. ... (Sonos 5.1 - 1x ARC, 2x Play: 1 and 1x SUB), but also when I want to play music via the Play: 1 … Part of the brand’s multi-room wireless audio system, the newest model is set to replace the Sonos Sub Gen 2. Despite sporting practically the same design, the Gen … Finally recently released Sonos update 12.2.1 works correctly with LG C9 05.00.03 firmware. Any help is appreciated.

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